Is an Nguni word meaning “Awaken” and “Rise Up"

Working with investors and companies around the world, we offer our clients an enduring partnership to awaken responsible leadership and build businesses that thrive symbiotically with society and planet.

Our First Principles Team

Who are we?

Vukani is an Impact Advisory Cooperative embodying the values of co-creation and original thinking we believe are necessary to collectively transition to a collaborative and regenerative global economy.

We embrace our identity as an African cooperative, inspired by African innovation and resourcefulness that is changing the shape of the global business landscape.

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What do we do?

We provide actionable guidance based on more than 50 years of combined deep expertise in the fields of sustainable development, corporate responsibility, stakeholder engagement, and impact investing.

Our flagship tool, the ESG Tracker, empowers companies and investors to actively track and improve their performance holistically across a range of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) measures in line with the latest international best practice.

We provide continuous support to the sustainability journeys of businesses and funds, bolstered by the expertise of our team and global network of partners and associates.

What is Impact?

Impact is the new conduit of value for global business, referring to the combined environmental, social, and economic contributions of well-managed, ethical, and future-orientated businesses.

Given its centrality to the evolving collaborative business landscape, investors increasingly use impact as a key criterion in their funding decisions.

When proactively activated, impact generates intrinsic and measurable business value – such as through innovation, improved reputation, market share, license to operate, customer loyalty, staff motivation, and efficiency.

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